SGPC House condemns references to Sikh Guru in Ayodhya verdict

Opposition member Sukhdev Singh Bhaur asked why the Supreme Court didn’t ask the SGPC about any such visit by Guru Nanak before making references in its verdict.

THE SHIROMANI Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) House on Wednesday condemned the references to Sikh Gurus in the verdict pronounced by Supreme Court on the Ayodhya last dispute earlier this month.

Though the resolution was not pre-decided and not available in written form to be pass in the House, it was raised by opposition member Sukhdev Singh Bhaur.

Bhaur said, “I object to the Supreme court verdict mentioning Guru Nanak’s visit to Ayodhya in its verdict on the Ram Temple issue. Such references were made on the basis of an RSS man’s words. Why didn’t Supreme Court ask the SGPC about any such visit before making references in its verdict? How can an RSS’s man words be admissible in court over information related to Sikh history? It is a misinterpretation of facts and history. It should be condemned and the court should be asked to review the same.”

As the resolution was not written in advance for passing in the House, SGPC president Gobind Singh Longowal asked the House to pass it in one line.

“We agree with the objection raised by SGPC member Bhaur and condemn it through a resolution,” he said.

Later, the SGPC House approved this resolution along with others.

This is not the first time the reference to Guru Nanak has been questioned.

“In his four long travels, Guru Nanak never went for any alleged darshan to any religious place. He visited places and people only to put people on the true path of Nirgun Bhagti. Whether it was to Macca or to Puri or to Ayodhya, his purpose was to spread the message of Naam Simran of one formless lord…The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India should have asked for expert opinion from renowned Sikh historians and Shri Akal Takhat/SGPC Amritsar on the correct facts and historical writings on Guru Nanak’s visit to Ayodhya. They should have asked for authentic Janam Sakhis written by renowned Sikh writers like Bhai Vir Singh. This was not done. There is no doubt that Guru Nanak visited Arodhya. However, the Hon’ble Supreme Court has relied on the statement of a false witness — Rajinder Singh, who has no knowledge of Sikhism. He has…misquoted and misrepresented about Guru Nanak going to Ayodhya for Ram Janmabhoomi Darshan before the Allahabad High Court, which refers to Sikhism as a cult. The community is shocked and hurt by the false submissions of the witness and the judgment of the Hon’ble Court…,” said Sikh lawyer Neena Singh and others while making a statement earlier this month.

A team of Sikh lawyers is already pursuing this matter.

Meanwhile, the SGPC also demanded the governments of India and Pakistan to simplify the process of traveling to Gurdwara Kartarpur Sahib through the newly constructed Kartarpur Corridor.

Source: The Indian Express


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