Sonam Kapoor disturbed by Ravi Shankar’s ‘irresponsible’ comments on homosexuality


Actor Sonam Kapoor has expressed his displeasure on the comments made by Ravi Shankar on homosexuality during an interactive session at the JNU.

Reacting to the comments made by the founder of Art of Living, Sonam wrote, “Homosexuality is not a ‘tendency’ it’s something you are born as and is absolutely NORMAL. To tell someone you can change is irresponsible.”

Speaking at the JNU, Ravi Shankar had said, “You treat yourself better, doesn’t matter how others treat you. You don’t think you are sick or something’s wrong with you. If you stand up, nobody can insult you… But if you feel weak and meek, and if you feel bad about yourself, nobody can make you feel better.”

He was responding to a student, who asked how he should deal with ill-treatment by his friends and family over his sexual orientation.

“This is your tendency now. Just acknowledge it and accept it, and know that this tendency is not a permanent thing. It may change. I’ve seen many men who were gay, later on turn into heterosexuals, and there are those who are normal — what are called straight people — end up being gay later in life,” Ravi Shankar was quoted by Indian Express.