Strong Democracy Didn’t Let Even 0.5% Of 180 Million Indian Muslims Join ISIS: Ex-IB Director

Out of a total population of 180 million Indian Muslims, only 108 had joined the terrorist outfit Islamic State informed former Intelligence Bureau Director Syed Asif Ibrahim on Friday.

108 Muslims accounted only for 0.000058% of the total Indian Muslim population. He attributed the reason behind such low numbers to Sufi and non-Salafi nature of Islam in India. Existence of a strong, vibrant democracy  according to Ibrahim was also the reason behind low radicalization rate.

Ibrahim said, “Of these 108, 50% of joinees went from the diaspora in West Asia…the ones exposed to Salafi radicals. 40% went from the coastal region in India, which was the recipient of Shafaiyei Islam, which came via the sea,” reported TOI.

The former director had retired from his position in 2014 and was addressing an audience on ‘Cooperation against Radicalization and Terrorism between UAE and India’. He also noted that the current narrative revolved around the notion that the more religious you are, the more fundamentalist you are which was proven wrong by U.K’s security agencies who had interviewed ISIL returnees.

Source: India Times


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