This lovely river, I pray that it takes me in it: Woman films video before ending life in Gujarat

Before taking the extreme step, the woman, identified as Ayesha, recorded an emotional video on her phone.

A23-year-old woman ended her life by jumping into the Sabarmati river at the Riverfront side in Ahmedabad. However, before taking the extreme step, the woman, identified as Ayesha, recorded an emotional video on her phone and said that she was ending her life out of her own will and nobody had forced her to do it.

Her body was recovered from the Riverfront west side by a team of police and fire safety department officials. A case has been registered and an investigation has been launched.

Ayesha’s father Liaquat Ali said she got married to Arif Khan, a resident of Rajasthan’s Jalore, in July 2018. “However, since marriage, her in-laws started demanding dowry from her. I gave them some money but their greed increased. A few months ago, Arif sent Ayesha back to my place after a fight. He also stopped talking to her over the phone. Unable to bear the pain, she decided to kill herself,” Ali told India Today.

In the two-minute video, the woman introduces herself as Ayesha Arif Khan with a big smile on her face, betraying the conflict and turmoil inside her. “Whatever I am going to do is my decision and nobody has pressured me for this. I have nothing to say now. Understand that the almighty gave me a short life,” she says.

“Dad, how long will you fight? Withdraw the case. Ayesha is not made for battles. I love Arif, so why will we bother him? If he wants freedom, then he should be free. Anyway, my life is ending here. I am happy that I will meet Allah. I will ask him where did I make a mistake? What is the fault with me?” she further says.

In her last words, Ayesha says, “This lovely river…I pray that it takes me in it. I am like the winds, I want to flow…And just want to keep flowing.”


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