Threats and abuses will not silent my voice: Hardik Patel


There is a growing trend of continuous abuses and threats on social media. The situation is that if a good person says something, then the rioters start abusing.Though, mediums like Twitter and Facebook are to connect people, nowadays it has become the situation that people are using it as a tool to provoke communal passions. This is the reason for the increased tensions between Hindus and Muslims in last few years.

Patidar leader Hardik Patel is also angry with those who abuse and threaten on Twitter. He said that he is not afraid of such people and will speak the truth.He tweeted that I would like to give just one advice to abusers and those who are threatening me on Twitter. I got the courage to stand up because of this soil from where I was born. I will speak the truth, no matter how much it costs. Threats and abuses will not silent my voice.

If you try to understand Hardik’s tweet, then it is clear that he is getting abuse and threats on Twitter. Though it has been found, people who supports Right-wing politics, they give a lot of abuse on Twitter.


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