Tricolor shown at Kaaba, Independence Day of India recalled during Haj


Makkah/ New Delhi. The most spectacular pictures of this Independence Day celebrations are coming from Saudi Arabia. This Haj is being celebrated during Independence Day of India.

*Shujaat Ali Quadri, National General Secretary of Muslim Students Organisation of India hoisted Indian Flag in front of Kaaba alongwith.

This is perhaps one of the most wonderful moments when Indian tricolor was hoisted in front of Kaaba, the most scared and holy place of Islam.

He briefed the reporter on the telephone “When I showed tricolor in front of Kaaba some Hajis looked me astonishingly. Some people of different countries came near to me and asked I replied that today is Indian Independence Day and I am praying for the prosperity, peace and development of our motherland.

Shujaat Quadri sent an audio clip alongwith his picture of the event to his friends consisting “Friends, I am with Indian Flag in front of Kaaba, which I took from Kaisarganj, Bahraich while left for Haj ritual. I carried three things with me, a copy of holy Quraan, a rosary and a tricolor. May Allah keep my country in peace and development to India.


An age of just 27, Shujaat is G.Seceretary of India’s largest Sufi Muslim Students organisation. “My efforts is an attempt to reply the crisis Indian Muslims are facing about patriotism”.

He simply replied with an Urdu couplet of gaint Poet Jigar Mordabadi ‘Jinka Kaam Hai Ahle Siyasat Wo Jaane, Maira Paigham hai Muhabbat Jahan Tak Pahunche’ (Let it be those business who do politics, I simply convey the message of love wherever it might reach)

This Haj is competing on this September 3 and he is committed to return with the same flag on Lucknow Airport.



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