Used PPE Kits, Masks and Gloves Getting Washed ‘for Resale’ in MP’s Satna

A probe is set up and the report is awaited.

In a serious violation of Covid-19 safety protocol reported from Satna in Madhya Pradesh, a video has gone viral showing used PPE kits, masks and gloves being washed inside a bio-medical waste disposal unit for resale.

The video had gone viral on Wednesday with claims that these personal protective gears of the Covid-19 times are being washed manually to ready them for sale in the market.

Panic was triggered in the local administration after the video leaked to social media and the district administration has handed the probe to MP Pollution Control Board.

The bio-waste disposal unit is based in village Barkheda in the district. The viral video shows that some men putting on masks are washing scores of PPE kits, masks and gloves and nearby some bundles are kept.

According to the Covid-19 safety protocol, the used PPE kits, masks and gloves are to be disposed of safely after use and these protective medical gears can’t be used again.

Sources claimed that the plant staff used to wash these protective items with water and then pack them in bundles, which allegedly sold in the market.

As the video was widely circulated in the district on social media, the district collector took cognizance of the matter and instructed a sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) to probe into the incident.

Rajesh Shahi, the SDM told News18 that a team was sent to the plant following the instructions of the collector and the probe team is preparing an enquiry report. It’s a serious issue and action will be taken in case re-sale allegations are proved, said the officer.

Source: News18


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