Bareilly streets echo with “Ishq-Muhabbat, Ala Hazrat” during 99th Urs-E-Razvi

BAREILLY: On the second day of Urs-e-Razvi, around 200 processions moved around the city. Meanwhile, the blessed city echoed of the slogans of “Ishq mohabbat Ala Hazrat”, with the devotees rushing to the dargah. In the procession, many Ulemas, Shohra, Mureeds, Razakars and personalities affiliated with the Dargah participated. The activities of Gulposhi and Chadarposhi continued till late evening.
The Urs, in actuality was a display of the faith of Barelvi Sunni Muslims on the streets. The procession reached the Dargah through various routes like Amla, Mustafa Nagar, Jassauli, Fort, Old City, Azam Nagar, Malukpur, Biharipur. Most of the roads in the city were full of blessed chants and warmth. All the processions traveled through different routes of the city and went directly to the streets of Biharipur. TTS executive member Parvez Nuri said that all the procession reached the Bargah from Biharipur. After offering their prayers, the devotees made wishful duas at the dargah.

On the second day of the Urs, on Tuesday, respects were paid to the Rehan-e-Milatt.
Today, on 15th November, the Kul Shareef of Ala Hazrat was conducted. After which, Ahsan Raza Khan led the prayers, proceeded by the process of Mureedi by Subhaani Miyaan, so that devotees who have come to visit the Dargah can take baya’h and begin new lives under silsila Razviya.


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