Jignesh Mevani corners BJP over Kasganj clashes


The violent clash between two religious groups in Kasganj has once again indicated that there could be a big riot before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. In this way, many leaders have targeted the BJP over this. Young leader Jignesh Mewani has said that blow up two rumors and make a riot. People will forget the roti.

He said in a tweet, “Just blow two or four rumors, they do the riot whenever they want, people will forget the Roti-Voti, just raise the issue of the temple-mosque.” He has also given the hashtag #Kasganj along with it, #YogiAdityanath_दंगाई also given.

Earlier, RJD leader Misa Bharti also corner the BJP on this issue. She said that the BJP wanted that communal polarization. She said, “The same thing happened in Kasganj which the BJP wanted, the provocative songs like”goliyoN kii aarti”,” Hindustan mein rahna hai to ..” in Muslim-dominated areas meant to tease Muslims, they were called as Gaddar-pakistani, so that the riot Flame, people die, communal polarization and politics will shine with corpses. “

Two people have died in the violence that took place on the occasion of Republic Day in Kasganj. In this case, 49 people have been arrested by the police. Kasganj District Magistrate RP Singh has said that all Internet services will be closed till 10 pm on January 28.Presently the situation is being reported to be in control but there are news of some violence in the outskirts. SP President Akhilesh Yadav has said that people of Kasganj respect each other, those who are responsible for violence should be punished, but injustice should not be done against innocent.


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