Mulayam Singh still main face of Samjwadi Party

New Delhi/ Lucknow : 17th Jan 2017

After the Election Commission allowed Akhilesh Yadv to use the Samjwadi Party (SP)’s symbol cycle for the upcoming election in the state, the present chief minister Akhilesh Singh yadav said that still the party’s main face is Mulayam Singh Yadav.

After the day of confirmation Akhilesh says the SP will contest the assembly poll under the Mulayam Singh guidance and party will decide with in two days whether SP will join Congress or Not as a grand alliance.

He further added that party will revealed the final list of candidate with couple of days. Amid all speculations about the conflict between him and his father the CM emphasized that his relationship with his father can’t ever be ruined.

Talking with media person at his residents in Lucknow, he says that “now he had huge responsibility and that all his aim to form SP government in UP for a second time.