UP Policemen left two teenager accident victims to die on the road

Saharanpur: Two teenage boys faced an accident but the policemen refused to help them. They were left to die on the road in Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh. Three three policemen allegedly refused to ferry them to a hospital in their car. A video of the incidence has gone viral on the social media.

The shocking incident came to light on Friday night when the two youth fell into a canal after their bike rammed into an electric pole and the policemen refused to take the boys to hospital in their patrol car because of their unwilling to ‘soil car with blood’. “It came to our notice that PRB 970 reached on the spot and refused to take the youth to the hospital,” said Superintendent of Police Pralabh Pratap Singh. In a video that has gone viral, showed a young man crying and pleading the police to help his friends.

As he was pleading he begged a man standing nearby to check the pulse of his heavily bleeding friend and was replied with “he is dead.” “Bhaiya iski body thandi ho rhi hai. Kuch to karo. (His body is getting cold, please do something.),” pleaded the miserable friend.

However, the police officials examining the scene are not seen taking any actions.The video shows a car or two stopping but then after a brief conversation, moving away from the scene. SP Singh said they have seen the brutal video and are taking “disciplinary actions on the same.”


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