A woman dies of shock outside bank over new Rs 1,000 rule 

By Times Headline Writer

A 40-year-old washerwoman died allegedly due to shock when on Wednesday she learnt that banks will not accept denominations of Rs 1000.

Tirtharaji came to know about centre’s demonitisation move only when she reached the bank. The incident took place at Captainganj tehsil of Kushinagar district.

Pictures of the woman’s body lying on ground along with two Rs 1,000 denomination notes and a pass book went viral on social media.

As per reports, the woman had saved Rs 2,000. She had exchanged the change for bigger denomination of two Rs 1,000 notes sometime back so that it would be easier for her to carry to the bank.

District magistrate Kushinagar Shambhu Kumar said, “Officials from the revenue department have been asked to visit the house of the deceased woman. If it comes out to be a death due to shock then necessary action will be taken.”

In another incident, an 8-year-old girl died allegedly due to delay in treatment when her father, who was on his way to hospital to seek medical help, could not get petrol as he was carrying a Rs 1000 note which the pump station attendant refused to take. The incident took place at Mahua Mafi village.

(With inputs from news agencies)


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