Yogi Government can withdraw cases against Muzaffarnagar riot accused BJP leaders

Muzaffarnagar: In 2013,a communal riot broke in Muzaffarnagar that shook the country. Nearly 62 people were killed and more than 50 thousand people were displaced in these riots. At that time many BJP leaders were accused of provoking riots by giving inflammatory speeches. It included present sugarcane minister Suresh Rana and legislator Sangeet Som,The then Akhilesh government registered a case against both the leaders in Rasuka.

But after the High Court order, Rasuka was withdrawn from both the leaders. As the BJP has got the power in the state, it is expected that both the leaders will get relief in the case. According to media reports, Yogi government is thinking to withdraw cases against the riot accused BJP leaders.

Hardik Patel attacked the Yogi Government. In a very sharp words, he said that if the mob of the morning comes in the BJP till the evening, then he is not called a punda. Before this, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had withdrawn a 22-year-old trial that he had been running.

Hardik Patel said through tweet, “Uttar Pradesh government can withdraw cases against BJP leaders who are accused of Muzaffarnagar riots !! The government is functioning or is there a joke being played out. If the goon of the morning joins the BJP in the evening, you can not call it a goon, it has been proved right. The country is not running according to the Constitution, the country is running from the arbitrariness of BJP leaders.


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