Youth should Join armed forces: MSO

Bahraich. A speech competition among the students of Barkaate Raza Public School was organised by MSO Bahraich Unit.

The Chief Guest of the Program was Janab Hukum Singh, a socialist leader. He said we should remember our ancestor and also remember their hard struggle and painful journey. we look at celebrating today as well every year. we will be celebrating independence day with sing patriotic songs to give respect to our great Indian fighters. I salute all the fighters as well our national heroes who give us beautiful Indian, independent India where we can live without any fear and pain. Hope all kids will make our India Brights like our ancestor had done.

Janab Siraj Ansari Principal of School exhorted the youth to join the armed forces. Hamid had destroyed several tanks of the Pakistan Army during the 1965 war in the Lahore sector. “Hamid is an inspiration for the youth and his extraordinary bravery made the country proud,” he said.

MSO Bahraich Secretary Siraj Ali Quadri also expressed his views. He said In the New India, perhaps the best testament India and all Indians can offer to the memory of Veer Abdul Hameed’s brave soul is a renewed commitment that ensures Indians from all faiths are recognised for their contributions on the battle front as well as on main street.


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