Video: Violence Breaks Out At Bihar Village Covid Vaccination Centre

Earlier, Aurangabad district of Maharashtra had reported a similar case of violence at a Covid vaccination centre.

Patna: The crowd at a Covid vaccination centre in a Bihar village grew so massive today that violence broke out among impatient villagers queued up there. A video of the unfortunate incident is now being shared widely on social media.

The vaccination centre has been set up at an anganwadi, a rural child-care centre, in Itawah village of Gopalganj district. The crowd gathered soon grew impatient.

Angry murmurs gave way to arguments in a short while, leading to pushing, shoving, and more serious violence thereafter. Mobs began chasing each other into fistfights resulting in utter chaos.

Earlier, a similar incident was reported from Aurangabad district of Maharashtra where two groups began slapping each other over who would get vaccinated first.

Bihar has been reporting fewer new Covid cases in recent days — on Thursday, there were only 43, with no cases in 16 of its districts. The number of active one in the state now stands at 272.

Source: NDTV


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