Vishal Dadlani Mocks Jain Guru Tarun Sagar on Twitter with #NoKaccheDin

The monk’s nudity and the analogy that a husband is like politics and wife is like dharma and that the ‘wife’ must accept the orders of the husband did not sit well with social media site.

Revered Digambar Jain guru Tarun Sagar was invited by the Education Minister Haryana Ram Bilas Sharma to speak at the Haryana Assembly. As the guru took and spoke of the marriage between dharma and politics, terrorism and female foeticide. In his forty minute session in the first monsoon session in Haryana, ministers across the parties heard with full attention as the monk delivered his ‘Kadve Vachan’.

The music composer, Vishal Dadlani decided to take air his opinion o the Jain guru via the social media site, mocking the fact that the spiritual leader gave the speech in the nude. He used the hashtag #NoKachcheDin along with the tweet, which has now been deleted following the outrage.

Dadlani thought that it was absurd that Sagar delivered the speech unclothed and he joined the Twitterati in poking fun at the leader. Dadlani, however, was unaware that the Digambars believe that ascetics should practice nudity as a refusal to give in to the demands of the body for comfort and private property. Naturally, Twitter made it a point that Dadlani did not forget that for the rest of this life.

Delhi Minister of Health Satyendar Jain apologised in place of Dadlani for the altercation, where he tweeted, “I apologise for hurting feelings of Jain community by my friend@VishalDadlani. I seek kshama from Muni Shri Tarun Sagar ji Maharaj.” (@SatyendarJain – 10:09 PM – 27 Aug)


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