Wasim Rizvi should be arrested immediately: Muhammad Abu Ashraf

Lucknow: Muhammad Abu Ashraf Zeeshan Saeedi, the state head of the Muslim Students’ Organization of India, has strongly condemned the application filed in the Supreme Court through accursed Wasim Rizvi to remove the 26 verses of the Quran.

Wasim Rizvi is an enemy of Islam and he has always been spewing poison against Islam to please the enemy forces. He is doing this to save his neck from the crimes he has committed.

Muhammad Abu Ashraf said that every single letter of the Holy Quran is true and this is the word of Allah Ta’ala. There is no room for doubt in this book since the revelation of the Holy Quran. To date, no one has been able to modify this. The challenge in the Qur’an itself is that the whole world together cannot present a verse like the Qur’an. In such a situation, to say 26 verses were imported to the holy Quran through accursed Wasim Rizvi is a sign of his madness.

Muhammad Abu Ashraf said that Wasim Rizvi is not only harmful to Islam and Muslims but this person is also a threat to humanity. He wants to cause trouble by his actions.

Therefore, it is not appropriate for such a person to move around freely. The government should immediately arrest Wasim Rizvi and punish him severely.


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