Yogendra Yadav’s Relatives face raid, No action taken against Arun Jaitley’s Daughter’s Firm

Swaraj India party politician Yogendra Yadav’s relatives’ hospital was raided abruptly by officials. It has been alleged Yadav’s sister Dr. Neelima Yadav’s son Gautam had purchased jewelry from the infamous and absconding diamond merchant Nirav Modi, and has paid 3.25 lac Indian rupees in cash.

Well, the income tax department is doing its job, but if Yogendra Yadav’s relatives can be raided for cash payment, then why did not the raid on Arun Jaitley’s daughter’s legal firm ‘Jaitley and Bakshi’ be killed? Because before that the legal firm Mehul Choksi was serving it, he was raided.

A few months before the scandal opened up, a retransferment agreement between Arun Jaitley’s daughter’s legal firm ‘Jaitley and Bakshi’, Geetanjali Gems of Mehul Choksi, which had been abolished within a month, Mehul Choksi signed a contract to sign Only weeks before he left the country, but the contract means that the retainership was accepted by the legal firm, with retainership done with any legal firm / lawyer. With the agreement.

In which case the firm / lawyer is advised to make an advocate for representation in the case of any further suit. So why did not Arun Jaitley’s daughter’s raid on the firm? Even here, even a bank scam accused had paid a huge amount to Arun Jaitley’s daughter a month before the fraud opened?



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