Yogi bullies media house into firing Journalist Virendra Yadav, the Unnao case hero

There has been a new turn in the country’s much spoken about Unnao gang rape case. Courageous Reporter Virendra Yadav, from News Nation, has had to pay the cost of exposing this case to his job. Journalist Virendra has written an article on social media expressing his pain. He has also accused Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath that his job was taken at the behest of the CM’s media advisor.

We are publishing Virendra’s article here.

I am a resident of Virendra Yadav Unnao district and so far the News was a journalist of the channel but at the present time I am a free lancer journalist and also President of Unnao Press Club. This battle is my fight for all the journalists who used to bloom day and night. By working in cold and humid freezing in the sun, not just relying on the people, but also taking their institute to the Uchaiyo but our hard work After our institute gives us less salary than a peon and then when we feel, we also exclude us for any benefit, the question is how long will we continue to exploit such an incident with us. Decreased

Actually Unnao BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar Rape Kand, you will be aware of this. First of all, I picked up the voice of the victim and had a news on the channel. During the coverage of this news, the MLA’s guards killed us But I did not fear the voice of the victim and the act of BJP MLA and his brother brought forth in front of the true world. P. Batori and this news delivered the power of the Raptist MLA and his brother to jail.

But this news of me from Lucknow to the BJP government in Delhi, the very grateful result of the MLA came to the target of the whole government. During the same news, the guards of the legislators also planned to kill me, but when I got the news, I Regarding the demand for its security, the Chief Minister wrote a letter to the Prime Minister and the President to all the officials of the governance, so that their scheme was not successful. That’s it.

Then what was the conspiracy ? by plotting the conspiracy and calling the Chief Minister Yogi’s Media Advisor, Mrityunjay Kumar to call the channel owner Sanjay Kulshreshtha and Mrinunjay Kumar put pressure on me to take me out of the channel and the fourth column of democracy leaning forward to power and The channel owner had let me out of the channel without giving reasons. I kept asking constantly what my fault is but the channel has not listened to me. Conduct other was second channel can join but my conscience said that these false allegations will accept how long we will continue to exploit the reporters how long these media outlets will continue to use and governance will power to work as concubines.
On my news, the CBI has also stamped the report, then what is my fault, why the rape victim has been convicted of showing the truth, I have got justice, when will I get it, with just a few questions, I will go ahead with this campaign. So that whatever happened to me is not with any of my brothers, so everyone is requesting me to join me in this fight and share so much that those institutions should be ashamed Programming we understand condoms journalists and government of the people really knows who could not muster the courage to act on your rapist MLA and snatched the job of journalist.


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