Vibe with money on fashion runway

Neha Verma

A pink neat leather handbag tagged with a metallic word hanging on slim hand, one shoulder top, skin exposing attitude, daring moves on cone-heels draws attention to fashion runway between the dazzling and shining lights.

In this gorgeous, glamours and glitz show, Models hits to T-ramp, walk to centre introduce themselves to attendees sitting up there, just as easily as walk to the end of a runway and striking poses. The PAR white light and smoke machine are created long lean legs much more stunning for the audience on the floor below the runway.

This is the story of all the fashion show where designers are catered their own construction like a style, ideas, fabrics, design, future forecast, in the state of grace on the length of the platform where clothes seem to dance. It is a sustainable approach to individual talent, to promote products and brand things of its own heritage in this fashion world.

Designers’ future forecasting, path-breaking ideas, and analysis of upcoming trends are part of coveted fashion week. they create the traditional style with a modern influence, Sari in metallic and jeans look, Salwar suit with knotty affaire, things are not finished here, modern get -up comes in ultra-modern long white shirt with hot pant and sophisticated scuba midi dress in sleeveless, her hands in Plazo-pant pocket with off-shoulder top looked gorgeous and sexy. Coutures not only set superlative standards in the world of modelling but also is followed in domestic as well as international platform and their handcraft enjoys innovation and has a place in the world’s glory fashion dictionary. Fashion connoisseurs always demand new style, rich texture, impeccable craft and panache according to weather and also correlating the fashion with technology which is new and now in the market.

 In these challenges, we saw some golden opportunities of the employment. Models, designers, make-up artist, hair stylist, decor, photographer, choreographer, sound and light experts, floor designer, all are together making wow expression on the face of the audience and making good money bank.

They have separate skills and talents though potentially overlapping profession to make the Grand Diva show. The unconventional light and ambient music are set the distinct mood of viewers by eager beavers. Many times music, lighting and decor base on themes which act just like delicious Sause to twist the creative and unexpected atmosphere, set the mood of attendees, attract glam- mirror runway, spark the imagination of the audience and deliver a compelling sound bite.

 The other side of a coin, fashion designers, and models both deliver a vibe with a style revolution toward fashion and raise money through a ramp. Designers have magic formula along with artistic skill, computer-aided design and graphics editing software to make the stylist-designer dress attractive. Nowadays brands and customers both want sizzling style with environment issue and they must line-up together.  It is another challenge for the fashion designer.

Moreover, if we succeed in multitude fashion jobs, the industry gives appreciated career-path, decent money and world follows our trends.

About Author
Neha Verma is a Lucknow based freelance journalist. She has worked with Etv News Network. She specialize in fashion, society and culture.


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