What do Quran and Sunnah say About Human Rights !


What do Quran and Sunnah say About Human Rights ! All praise is due to Allah SWT who created Human Beings in a balanced fashion . He SWT lets the Humans to order and fashion their lives in a balanced way by guiding them through Holy Quran and Prophetic Traditions . The Holy Quran categorically discusses the topic of Human Rights in detail , emphasizing on its applications , significance as well as its need in Social Interactions.

Since This is a very vast topic and Frequently Discussed also. There are lot of Quranic verses which beautifully in culminated style , enlighten the facts on this topic. Here , In this short article , only three fundamental Human Rights will be briefly mentioned.

The first fundamental Right is One’s life . Now this right is safeguarded by Holy Book and the following verse is the evidence.

“And kill not any one whom Allah has forbidden ………….”
Narrated Anas : The Prophet PBUH was asked about the great sins,He said ,They are :-

  1. To join others in worship with Allah SWT.
  2. To be undutiful to one’s parents.
  3. To kill a person.
    4.To give false witness.
    As it is clear from Quranic verse the severity of this act and that Snatching this right is also a FORBIDDEN ACT.The second fundamental right is One’s Respect (Honour) . Holy Quran again is the preserver of this basic human right.

    ” And indeed We have honoured the children of Adam , ….. ”
    Another Quranic Injuction:-

    O you who believe, no men should ever scoff at other men. May be, the latter are better than the former. Nor should women (ever scoff) at other women. May be, the latter women are better than the former ones. And do not find fault with one another, nor call one another with bad nicknames. Bad is the name of sinfulness after embracing Faith. If anyone does not repent, then such people are the wrongdoers.

    When ALLAH SWT dignified Humans , Then no one can try to disrespect them.
    The third fundamental right is related to human possessions especially Wealth .
    Quran now says :-

    “O you who believe ! Eat not up your property among yourselves unjustly, ….. ”

    A single prophetic saying is mentioned below which encompasses all these three fundamental Human Rights .
    The Holy Prophet PBUH said “Truly your blood , your property , and your honour are inviolable”

    In nutshell , if any one desires to see where is the detailed documentation which safeguards Human Rights . Verily It the Holy Book and the Descriptive Prophetic Ways , encompassing All the articles and facts about the said Topic.


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