Iran sends destroyer, helicopter carrier to Gulf of Aden


Iran has sent a naval destroyer and a helicopter carrier to the strategic Gulf of Aden after fighting escalated in the port city of Hudaydah ​​in Yemen.

The local Tasnim news agency said the Khark warship and the Sabalan destroyer had been sent to the Gulf of Aden which links the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea.

On Tuesday, Yemeni government forces supported by the Saudi-led coalition announced that they had taken over control of Hudaydah airport after violent confrontations with Houthi rebels.

Approximately 250,000 Yemeni lives will be impacted by the attack on Hudaydah, according to the United Nations. Yemeni civilians have resorted to taking shelter in schools to avoid being targeted by the largest offensive by the Saudi-led coalition in the country.

Source: Middle East Monitor


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