Massive unexploded Israeli missile removed from Palestinian house in Gaza

On Tuesday a bomb disposal unit in Gaza removed a one tonne unexploded Israeli missile from a Palestinian house, in the Gazan district of Zeitoun, the Interior Ministry revealed in a statement.

The missile was identified as a MK-84, weighing 1,000 kilograms. The bomb disposal unit reported that the house where it was found was hit by an Israeli fighter, during the last Israeli offensive on Gaza in November.

According to the statement, the residents were evacuated prior to the removal of the missile.

The bomb disposal unit called for Palestinian citizens to report any unexploded ordnance left or fired by the Israeli occupation.

Since the start of the Israeli offensive on Gaza in 2008, which is still ongoing, tens of Palestinians have been killed and wounded by leftover Israeli ordnance exploding.

During the Israeli offensive in November, 36 Palestinian citizens were killed, including eight children and three women, while 111 others were wounded.

Source: Middle East Monitor


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