More than 1000 article published that shows, Qatar linked with terrorism

Qatar is seems to be in a tainted condition, The Qatari media found that there are around 1,100 articles and 600 cartoons in Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Bahrain’s media, as well as 3,500 tweets by officials and journalists from those countries. All of these stuffs are against Qatar.

After the rift between Qatar and other gulf countries there an averages at about 15 articles a day which shows that the Qatar officials linked with terrorists and spreading terrorism in the region.

The Qatari TV station reported that Saudi Arabia published the lion’s share of articles at 700 in a number of newspapers, including Asharq Al-Awsat, Al Jazeera, Okaz, and Al-Hayat. According to the report the UAE published over 300 articles to defame Qatar and distort its image in several newspapers, including Al-Bayan, Al-Khaleej, Emarat Al-Youm, and Ittihad.

According to, Qatar television stated, “The media pettiness led by officials and ministers from the boycotting countries was mostly circulated on social media, as nearly 2,000 tweets were posted by Emirati journalists and officials, 1,000 were posted by Saudis, and 500 by Bahrainis, all of which were attacking Qatar, its people, and leadership”.


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