Rouhani: Terrorism and sectarianism main issues of Muslim world


According to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, terrorism and sectarianism nare the main issues plaguing the Islamic world today. Rouhani also blamed certain world powers of creating and aggravating such division among Muslims

“[These] powers are not interested in unity and brotherly [ties] among Muslims, because if such unity and brotherhood is promoted, Muslim countries will undoubtedly be able to solve their problems without the involvement of others,” Rouhani stated.

The President made these statements during a meeting with Pakistani Chief of Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa, who is visting Iran at the head of a Pakistani military delegation.

Continuing his speech, Rouhani called for greater cooperation between Iran and Pakistan as a groundwork for increased cooperation of all Muslim states.

“Our goal is to strengthen relationships among Muslim countries and there is no doubt that differences among Muslim countries can be settled through dialogue.”

Pakistani General Bajwa for his part, praised the deep-rooted mutual relations between Tehran and Islamabad, and said his country was keen to improve defense and military ties with Iran.

The Chief of Staff added that divisions among Muslim countries must be settled through dialogue, and emphasized that Western countries must not be allowed to foment discord.


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