Sultan bin Suhaim: We are the founders of Qatar, we will cleanse it

Sheikh Sultan bin Suhaim Al-Thani told tens of thousands of people gathered at the meeting of the tribes of Qahtan on the Saudi-Qatari border, that Doha must be purged and rescued before it is swallowed up by chaos and manipulated by corruptors.

Bin Suhaim stressed the responsibility upon Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to ensure Qatar doesn’t be a country that harbors terrorism or become a shelter for corruption.

He added that his silence during the last period is not about weakness or lack of power, but the hope that “our brothers would regain their consciousness and abandon their misguided ways” asserting that his patience has reached its end.

Sultan bin Suhaim said: “We are the founders of Qatar and we are the ones who will cleanse it. We all carry on our mission to save it.”

Sultan bin Suhaim said his country is “not a resort for mercenaries.”

“I speak to the authority in Doha that the news is what you will see, not what you hear,” he said.

Sultan bin Suhaim stressed that he is not seeking revenge or aspiring to rise to power, but what concerns him is his homeland.


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