From Bakrid to Bakrid, Cattle Fever Still Grips The Nation

With only a few days left for the Muslim festival of Bakrid, the move by the Haryana government of food policing in Muslim-dominated Mewat on Thursday, picking up seven samples of biryani from various spots for a “meat check” has garnered a lot of controversy and drawn a lot of ire by secularists nation-wide.

The raids were conducted after the Haryana Gau Seva Ayog, which had ordered police to check biryani samples in Mewat ahead of Eid, apparently received a complaint. The biryani samples were collected by police from Mundaka and some other villages.

The raids have cast a shadow on Eid festivities in Mewat, which has been under watch of the government’s cow protection office ever since August 24, when a joint team of the cow protection task force and the animal husbandry department collected samples of biryani from roadside vendors in a village on Alwar-Gurgaon road.

Cow slaughter and consumption of beef has been established as a criminal offence in Haryana. In 2015, the BJP government in the state enforced Haryana Gauvansh Sanrakshan and Gau Samvardhan Act 2015 making cow slaughter punishable with rigorous imprisonment of up to 10 years and a fine of Rs 1 lakh to the offender of the law.

Marking exactly one year after the heinous lynching of Mohammed Akhlaq, wherein a mob of residents of a country which fails to understand that beef is not only cow meat, attacked his family on the night of 28 September 2015 in Bisara village near Dadri, Uttar Pradesh, India. The attackers brutally murdered the 52-year-old man and seriously injured his son, 22-year-old Danish, with attempts of molestation made at the females of the family, on the assumption that the family was consuming beef.

The question remains, what has changed since then? Has there been any special provision of rights to minorities such as Muslims? Have there been any protective rights been made for protecting the right to religion?

The minorities of this country have rights in a minor sense as well. At a time when their rights need to be uplifted, they need to be united and given a special status for their being minimal in number; minorities are only subjected to ignorance, neglect and voicelessness by the authorities.

For once if we imagine a situation wherein the family of Mohammed Akhlaq was only rumored to have beef, for once if we imagine if the RSS workers hadn’t force-fed a fasting Muslim laborer, for once certain mobs of people do not shame people belonging to a particular religion?

Will it bring Akhlaq back to life? Will the laborer forget this humiliation? Will the Muslim driver who was shunned and abused two days ago, just because he belonged to a particular religion ever forget this disregard?

Another upsurge which involves the nation-wide loved animal; the cattle, is the eclipse that is cast on the lower castes is the scavenging occupation, which somehow gives the “superior caste”, the right to force the so called lower caste to pick up carcasses of dead cattle.

From where I stand, as a citizen eligible to choose the people who represent me, who are “supposed” to be my voice, my choice and represent my country worldwide, it clearly seems as negligence of the minorities.

Every day in the country, one can find news pieces related to cow slaughter, cow slaughterers, beef ban and more. A part of the same society, forgets that before religion, caste, creed, etc each one of us belongs to the human race and humanity is our primal religion.

Bakrid is here again, the government is as alert as ever. Will another Akhlaq die a new death? Will minorities ever breathe in peace? Will the moon bring a new light or a new fight wherein the struggle shall last forever.


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