Inhuman Israeli Forces arrest yet another member of Tamimi Family! What is Israel’s Plan?

It is not new to hear or know about the violent atrocities that the Israel Government and its forces have cast upon the Palestinian Folk. This time they have actually showcased how scared they are of Palestinian resistance.

Waed Tamimi, who is the elder brother of Ahed Tamimi – a 16-year-old activist whose act of resistance to an Israeli soldier came to be known to the entire world – was arrested from his house in Nabi Saleh near northern Ramallah. 21-year-old, Waed became the fourth member of his family to be arrested since Ahed was forcefully taken away in December. She still remains jailed. A dozen security personnel raided their house in Ramallah on Thursday night and took their son away without providing any reason.

The injustice happens to collide with another injustice. Elor Azaria, the Israeli soldier convicted of killing a wounded Palestinian has been released after serving nine months in prison. When he was 19 Azaria killed Abdel Fattah al-Sharif in an act captured on video by an Israeli human rights group. Elor Azaria now walks free after serving two-thirds of his 14-month sentence. Azaria shot the immobile assailant in the head at point-blank range. The former Israel Defence Forces (IDF) combat medic was initially sentenced to 18 months in August after he was convicted of manslaughter. Israel’s military chief, Gadi Eisenkot, later reduced the sentence by four months.

This clearly shows the world, that Israel seems to be walking stronger than ever! Why is there no UN Human Rights Inquiry Committee that protects the residents of the Nabi Saleh, where the Tamimi family lives, said that such raids are a regular phenomenon in the village and often take place after the weekly Friday protests against Israel’s military occupation of the West Bank. Why isn’t there any standing committee to take care of the Human Rights Violation?

“The arrest of Waed is just another attempt by Israel to break Nabi Saleh. This is the point of all of this. Israel wants to break the example of Nabi Saleh’s resistance to occupation.” Bassem Tamimi, his father, told reporters. Bassem himself has been arrested at least a dozen times.

Waed too has been arrested before. In 2015, Waed was imprisoned for almost a year, “He was just 19 years then when they first picked him up,” his father added.

In a one-minute video that went viral on social media in December, Ahed was seen shouting angrily while slapping and kicking an Israeli soldier on patrol. Just minutes before, her cousin had been shot in the head with a rubber bullet during an incident of stone-pelting in the village. Her cousin fell into a coma for a short while after the incident. Subsequently  she was given an eight-month jail term. Her mother Nariman and another cousin, Nur, were also arrested in the aftermath of the video.

Following Ahed’s arrest, a massive solidarity campaign was launched by organizations across the world, seeking her release.

Waed was not the only person arrested on Thursday. According to reports, eight youth were arrested in different night raids at Jenin, Jericho, and Bethlehem. Israeli forces also raided the house of a senior Fatah official and a member of its Revolutionary Council, Adnan Gheith, while allegedly ransacking his home in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan.

Palestinian figures estimate that almost 6,500 Palestinians, including three hundred juveniles, are still inside Israel prisons.


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