New Saudi game in Iraq

Photo Credit; (Saudi Press Agency)

Saudi Arabia is looking to open its foothold in Baghdad for a while. So that Riyadh regularly announces promises that are tempting. Recently, Saudi officials, after having no embassy in Baghdad for many years, increased the level of their relations with their northern countries by sending ambassador and exchanged ambassadors.

Along with that, the head of the Sports Directorate of the country claimed that the Saudis are going to give the central government a $ 1 billion donation to build a sports town. the news that had many reactions, and many social network activists mocked Saudi Arabia’s action and acknowledged that what Saudi Arabia did apart from sending terrorists, suicide cars and killing more than 400,000 Iraqis over the past few years!

But reality is something else. Saudi Arabia suffered a geopolitical challenge after its defeat in the ISIL crisis and withdrawal of ISIL from various lands in Iraq and Syria. In the north, Hash al-Sha’bi activated and in the south, Ansarullah has been able to stabilize its power and play forever in Yemen’s politics.

Along with that, Saudi Arabia failed to boycott Qatar and break the authority of the ruling government, and its differences with Oman have become apparent. Indeed, by entering Iraq, Saudi Arabia is about to redefine its image in Western countries, and to introduce itself as a progressive and donating country. It is here that you should understand why Saudi Arabia seeks to build a stadium instead of building a power plant or solving the problem of the damaged infrastructure in the ISIL war and the aggressive US attack !!!

Saudi Arabia’s only goal is to rebuild its face after the ISIL war. They want to show themselves peaceful and lovers of the youth of the West with their actions, while the only concept that comes from the Saudi name in our minds is terrorism, takfir and explosion a concept that can be found in 3,000 suicide automobile and 5,000 suicide bombers.

In fact, Saudi Arabia is trying to reconstruct its face by showing that it is a country that can lead the Arab world with money. This is in a situation where everybody knows that Iraq’s resistance means the withdrawal of Arab leadership from the hands of Saudi Arabia.

However, building a stadium is not something Saudis follow in Iraq. Earlier, news of the influence and formation of lobbying for the parliament of Iraq by Riyadh was released, which is alarming.

Baghdad decided to expel him and return to Riyadh a while ago because of the extensive interventions of the Saudi ambassador in Iraq. The stadium is the entrance gateway of Saudi Arabia to Iraq, and the Saudis are about to return to Baghdad’s political decision-making and action at the lowest cost.

The Saudis seem to come to this conclusion that with the withdrawal of the United States from Iraq, they can play the role of the country and, as an actor on the Washington front, can limit Iraq to different decisions and somehow take the independence of the country.


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