Is the Opposition ready to battle Modi-Shah in the election polls?

I am a vocal opponent of Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and BJP’s divisive, oppressive, anti-poor and capitalist policies, but I am a fan of hard work. They are preparing with the fine management, which was one year before the election. It is rallying, workers from their booth level, activists of power centers, volunteers of social media, are campaigning through aggressive agenda sets.

In these summer when they were finishing the entire plan by analyzing each constituency of provincial, district and seat-wise seats every day in the sweat, then losing all their stuff, most of the opposition leaders were enjoying foreign tours.

Suppose the party in power has the resources, but you do not have as much a large majority support as you can. Your supporter does not want you to come from the chartered plane, even if you go by bullock cart but he wants our leader to come to us.

Opposition leaders have a profound need of self-respect, self-expression and self-esteem. They have to think whether Modi-Shah is prepared mentally, physically and politically as hard as possible to prepare or do the same? They need more critical thinking because the color, form and size of the preparations and hard work of the Bahujan leaders will be a little different and difficult, but in the long run, they have to do it.



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