Riyadh’s mission is to bend Hamas and impose on “Deal of the Century”


Assisted by some Arab reactionary countries like the United Arab Emirates and a tantalizing proposal, Saudi Arabia plans to seduce the leaders of the Islamic Resistance movement of Palestine, Hamas to convince them to accept the deal of the century and to recognize Israel!

There is some information on the implementation of development projects in the Gaza Strip and more specifically in Rafah, the expenses of which could be borne by a number of emirs from the Persian Gulf basin, provided that the movement of the Islamic resistance to Palestine, Hamas gives the green light to the deal of the century.

The newspaper Rai al-Youm pointed out that the enemies of the Palestinian people sought to separate Gaza from the West Bank and wants to join this Palestinian enclave to Egypt and annex the West Bank to Jordan.

Jared Kushner, son-in-law and close advisor to US President Donald Trump and US special envoy Jason Greenblatt, are on mission in the Middle East. They met, on Tuesday, June 19 in Amman, King Abdullah II of Jordan. They were also met Wednesday in Riyadh, the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Their tour should also take them to the occupied territories of Palestine, Qatar and Egypt.

They seek to convince the leaders of the aforementioned countries to accept the deal of the century.

Egypt will play a key role in the implementation of the agreement of the century. Cairo will work to improve the livelihoods of Gaza’s two million inhabitants, build a port and airport in the Rafah region, and build large eclectic power plants and water treatment plants. ‘water.

By orchestrating serious problems they themselves created for the people of Gaza, Israel’s allies are charged with forcing Gazans to recognize Israel. This tripartite conspiracy orchestrated by Kushner, Greenblatt and Netanyahu aims to separate Gaza completely from the West Bank to allegedly solve the problems of its inhabitants, settle its demands and meet its basic needs such as water, electricity and freedom. circulation after years of persecution, especially these days where a humanitarian catastrophe that is the result of the shortage of electricity, water, medicine and food surfaces.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are among the major donors to this project and they are committed to covering the costs of building vital infrastructure in the Gaza Strip.

“According to reports, Kushner and Greenblatt snatched the Abu Dhabi and Riyadh payoffs to pay a billion dollars for this purpose. According to some reports, Qatar has also been added to the list of donors for the project in question. The Middle East tour of US representatives focuses on two goals. First: to push Qatar to assume part of the expenses of this project, secondly: to pressure Hamas to give its green light to the deal of the century. If Qatar does not comply with these requirements, it should bear the consequences, such as the change of the regime, “says the newspaper.

According to Rai al-Youm, the Arab states of the Persian Gulf coast have no problem to provide financial resources for the project, because a country that has offered in two days 500 trillion dollars to Trump and who unrolled the carpet Red will have no problem paying $ 1 billion.

In exchange for the construction of the port, the airport for central energy production and water treatment, the Palestinians will be dispossessed of everything they have: Gaza will be annexed to Egypt as it was pre-1967 case for the West Bank, which should be annexed to Jordan, in a federal and confederal state, and this will, however, pass through the total disappearance of Palestine.

The city of Quds will be recognized as the capital of Israel and the US decision goes in the same direction and none of the Palestinian refugees except a small community in Lebanon will have the right to return to the “A” zone of the West Bank.

According to the newspaper, under this US-Israeli plan there is no hope for an independent Palestinian state to emerge.

Palestinians need water, electricity, port and airport, but we should be careful, because in exchange for these developments, they should give up their legitimate rights to return to their ancestral land and their rights. self-determination. The conspirators should know that Palestine is not for sale. Palestine is worth more than that, and its resistant nation will not be deceived by the proposed amounts of golf emirs


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