Situation in Kashmir has worsen after BJP- PDP Alliance


Kashmir has witnessed rise in killings since BJP-PDP Alliance. When this BJP-PDP Alliance was formed people of Kashmir had many expectations from the present government. But the way BJP is using its strategies, it has worsen the situation in Kashmir.

The Chief Minister of Kashmir talked about healing touch. But have people of Kashmir got that healing touch? The answer is they yes! they got it! they got it through pellets, bullets, pava shells and much more. And that’s how the situation intensified in Kashmir.

Media also played a great role in adding fuel to the fire. Everyday there were debates and discussions going on about stone-pelters and the tension that was going on in valley in 2016 unrest after killing of Hizbul Mujahideen’s Militant Burhan Wani.

And what media did was reporting one side of the news, completely biased news. Secondly they diverted the Kashmir issue by broadcasting issues like Balochistan which has no concern with India.The biaseness in profession for the sake of TRP’s is not bigger than shame.

In these three years Kashmir observed 218 killings of civilians. In 2016 the number of civilians killed was 85 and in 2010 the number was 112.

According to the MHA report 10,086 civilians were wounded in these three years while in 2010 the number was 1047, In 2016, 8932 and in 2017, 107 were wounded. MHA also said 4 government forces were killed leaving 814,639 wounded.

Kashmir has witnessed 6,266 incidents of Stone-Pelting in these three years. From the data its clear how much loss valley has suffered in these three years.

If situation intensifies government should think of handling the situation in a manner that would or could have provided healing touch. And that touch is not going to solve by providing jobs, by killing people or the strategies that government used.

That time the most healing touch would have been to talk to people of the valley and at least consider some of their wishes because lastly they are the ones who belong to Kashmir. Or not to use military might’s to suppress them but it all happened because of hajmony, the tool that government used.

Every drop of blood has been witnessed by this valley. Kashmiris without fearing a bullet came out and pelleted stones and you can weigh it by those drops of blood that Kashmiris have sacrified for its land and people. They faced bullets for stones, pellets for stones, pava shells for stones, Iron rods for stones, stones for stones, and much more. How will you justify your crime?

By: Hanain Sikander Wani, Credit: voice of wadi


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