Pakistan’s Supreme Court rejects Musharraf appeal to have treason conviction tossed, says must surrender first

The Pakistani Supreme Court has shot down a bid by former military ruler Pervez Musharraf to overturn a guilty verdict in his long-running treason case, arguing he must turn himself in to authorities before making any appeal.

The self-exiled former president, who has stayed in India for medical treatment since 2016, was denied an appeal in Pakistan’s highest court on Friday. A document purported to be the court’s rejection notice circulated online, stating Musharraf had “not yet surrendered himself” in compliance with previous judgements, and therefore his request was “not entertainable.”

Musharraf’s attorney, Salman Safdar, confirmed the court’s decision, but said his client would file another appeal within a month’s time, noting he had “already prepared arguments for this purpose.” Though the court document said the former ruler’s appeal lacked legal validity, it specified that he would be permitted to challenge the move.

Earlier this week, the Lahore High Court threw out a death sentence previously handed down in Musharraf’s treason case in December, reasoning that the decision was unconstitutional and “illegal.”

Treason charges were originally brought against Musharraf in 2013 by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in relation to a 2007 emergency declaration by Musharraf’s government, which saw the constitution suspended, Supreme Court judges placed on house arrest and the termination of some 100 other court officials. Musharraf, however, insists the moves were legal and necessary, and that the case against him is politically motivated.

Source: RT


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