Great Dance of Return: Palestinians perform Dabke to the sound of bullets at Gaza border (VIDEO)


Live bullet fire and tear gas shot by Israeli soldiers did not stop about half a dozen Palestinian activists from performing an Arab folk dance at the latest Great March of Return protest, which, once again, has turned out deadly.

Taking a break from protesting and rushing the Israeli lines, a number of Palestinian youths staged a perfectly executed Dabke circle dance at the 14th weekly Great March of Return demonstration on Friday.

Swinging ropes in their hands, typically used to hurdle projectiles at IDF soldiers across the demarcation line, a number of young male activists were joined by a young woman to perform a piece synonymous with the Palestinian cultural resistance against occupation.

The young gang, some of whom wore Keffiyeh square scarf, inspired by the late Palestinian resistance leader Yasser Arafat, was soon joined by an older Palestinian activist who could not resist the popular beat. Video of the feat shows the activists performing the spectacle with a great cloud of black smoke in the background. While Dabke is typically reserved for weddings or other joyful occasions, there was not much joy during Friday’s protest.

دبكة فلسطينية بمشاركة شرق غزة خلال مواجهات مسيرة العودة الكبرى

دبكة فلسطينية شرق غزة خلال مواجهات مسيرة العودة الكبرى

Posted by ‎شهاب‎ on Saturday, June 30, 2018

Two Palestinians, including a 14-year-old boy shot in the head, were killed by Israeli live fire during the 14th weekly clashes at the Israeli-Palestinian border, according to Maan news, in addition to over 400 injured.

Source: RT


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