Israel launches new airstrikes on Gaza Strip


Gaza. Israeli warplanes have launched attacks against the positions of the Hamas resistance movement in the Gaza Strip, amid weekly protests at the edge of the enclave to assert the right of displaced Palestinians to return to their homeland.

The Israeli fighter jets targeted the positions of Hamas in the south of the Gaza Strip early on Sunday.

Tel Aviv claimed that Palestinians had thrown “explosive devices” over the fence that separates Gaza from Israeli-occupied territory late on Saturday and that the airstrikes were in response to that alleged action. It was not clear whether the strikes caused any damage or casualties.

Meanwhile, Gaza’s Health Ministry announced the death of a 24-year-old Palestinian man, Habib al-Masri, who had earlier sustained wounds in clashes with Israeli forces. Two other Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire in separate clashes on Friday.

Gazans started protesting along the fence on March 30, 2018, demanding the right to return for those Palestinians driven out of their homeland by Israeli aggression and calling for a halt to Israel’s blockade of the enclave.

At least 258 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire in Gaza since the weekly protests began.

Earlier, on Friday, the United Nations Human Rights Council denounced Israel’s use of “unlawful lethal and other excessive force” against unarmed Gaza protesters. Following the UN condemnation of Israel, Hamas called on the international community to take practical measures to stop the Israeli aggression.


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