Moral victory for Hamas as USA humiliated in UNGA

Zaigham Murtaza

UNITED NATIONS: USA face humiliation  as the UN General Assembly on failed to pass a US-sponsored resolution condemning Hamas and its rocket attacks against Israel.

The final vote held on Thursday brought huge disappointment for USA. It was disapproved as 87 nations were opposed to it, 57 in favour with 33 abstent. It meant the resolution fell short of the two-thirds majority needed for passing a resolution.

The resolution also would have supported a “just, lasting and comprehensive peace” between then Israelis and Palestinians in accordance with all other United Nations resolutions on the issue.

The latest violence in Gaza erupted on Monday after a Hamas commander was killed in a covert Israeli operation. Since then, Gaza militants have fired at least 460 rockets at Israel, and Israeli forces have carried out airstrikes on 160 targets in Gaza.

One militant rocket attack killed a Palestinian laborer in the West Bank, while Israel’s strikes have killed at least seven Palestinians.


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