Ban on the entry of women in Dargah Aala Hazrat

By Times Headline Writer

A ban has been imposed on the entry of women in Dargah Ala Hazarat here in Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh. Directives have been issued that men should not bring ladies along with them in Urs starting from November 24. Dargah spokesman Ala Hazarat Mufti Mohammad Salim Noori said here today that in a meeting it was discussed that why Shariyat has prevented entry of women at mazars and matter will be communicated in Urs.

He said in poster of Urs it used to be mentioned that presence of women was prohibited but this time it is responsibility of men that they should not bring women along with him. Cleric of Dargah said directives were issued in accordance with Shariyat as Shariyat does not allow women to go near mazar and graveyard.

Ala Hazarat has written a book ‘Khurujun Nisa’ (presence of women at mazar) on the same matter and it is cleared in the book that women cannot go to dargah. The cleric said, ”one of the many reasons behind the prohibition is that it is not decent for women to be present in crowd of men.” He said Ala Hazarat had issued a ‘Fatwa’ that entry of women at mazars was prohibited. As a controversy erupted after entry of women was allowed at Hazi Ali dargah this time men has got responsibility not to bring women along with them.


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