Coalition Govt will survive 100%: Siddaramaiah


Bengaluru. In the immediate aftermath of the election debacle in Karnataka, Congress and JD(S) leaders huddled together in Chief Minister Kumaraswamy’s home office – Krishna in Bengaluru on Friday. Never before in the history of Karnataka elections has the Congress ever suffered such a crushing defeat. With only two constituencies in the Congress-JD(S) kitty, the loss has dented the morale of the party, and apprehensions have risen regarding the survival of the government.

An aura of defeat surrounded Siddaramaiah as he was ushered into his car on Friday morning. Speaking to the media, Siddaramaiah tried to put on a brave face and said, “This government will survive. I am telling you, it will survive 100%. The Parliamentary election results will not affect the coalition. There are no doubts about it.”

Speaking to TNM, Minister for Urban Development and Housing in Karnataka, UT Khader reiterated that there is no threat to the coalition government. “We are only going to discuss what went wrong (referring to the emergency meeting) and what we need to do to become strong. No, Kumaraswamy is not resigning and the coalition government will continue,” he added.


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