No Permanent Seat For India in UNSC yet again

The decision to grant India a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council has been delayed to the next year with deliberations among countries still trying to come up with a consensus on the matter. Currently, the UN Security Council has 15 member countries with only 5 permanent members.The General Assembly on Wednesday solidified its stand to deter further action and to set up an “open-ended working group” on Council reforms.

“It is unfortunate that the 70th anniversary of the United Nations was not able to build up momentum with a view to reaching an agreement on this important item of the agenda of the General Assembly,” India and its reforms allies, Brazil, Japan and Germany, said in a joint statement.

In June 2016, India failed to gain entry to the Nuclear Suppliers Group, a block of 48 countries that hold the power of trade in nuclear technology and material. Issues such as Kashmir Issue, with massive human rights violations as well as other internal issues such as women empowerment, education, sanitation and public welfare also portray India in a bad light globally, therefore dampening India’s hope for the permanent seat in the Council.India aspires to achieve a permanent place on the Security Council to reflect its importance as a trillion dollar economy and a major South Asian power.

With more than two decades of deliberations and discussions, measures to reform the council to emulate a more global balance of power intensified last year, when a negotiating text was adopted by the General Assembly, overcoming strong opposition from a small group of countries including Pakistan and Italy. The adoption of the document proved to be a quantum leap as meaningful negotiations could not be held without such a doctrine.

Most UN members support increasing the total number of council members from 15 to the mid-20s and for making its working more transparent and involving non-member countries in its activities.

-Tarushi Aswani


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