‘Nobody should interfere in the eating habits of people’: BJP M.P Udit Raj


New Delhi: 31 Aug 2016,  Times News Desk

Dalit face of BJP, Udit Raj, who created controversy after tweeting about Usain Bolt’s eating habit later clarified that No one should  interfere in to the eating habits of People.

Usain bolt of Jamaica was poor and trainer advised him to eat beef both the times and he scored 9 gold medals in Olympic.

 But he had to clarify under pressure and tweeted again many times to clarify his stand.
I cited circumstances of Jamaica that despite poor infrastructure & poverty Bolt won 9 gold so our players should find ways like that to win.
I intended to convey-players & society to look at ways to win in games rather blaming circumstances & Govt & eating is their choice.
As usain bolt &trainer found ways and means to win medals similarly our players and trainers should do as per their circumstances.
My tweet is not even remotely connected to advocate beef eating rather it is reproduction of Bolt trainer statement.
How educated people can go so wrong understanding beef as cow meet ? Beef means cattle meat may include buffalo etc.
Talking to Media later he clarified that the controversy is only on cow slaughter, which is illegal in many parts of the country. My stand has been simple. Nobody should interfere in the eating habits of people.

If there is nothing illegal, then there cannot be a controversy over it. It doesn’t matter if it is cow meat or something else.



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