The need for balanced leadership: Shibin Fouad

India has won the final test preserving their pride and retaining their rank 1 in ICC Test Rankings. But the tour is not yet undone with ODIs and T20s still in the store. It is not fair celebrating just the success of a team and showering curses on them when they fail, but still, when the team faces a very hostile attack that too in the Protean backyard, its high time they introspect their approach. Aggressive captaincy of Virat Kohli does not benefit the team always.

South African side has an excellent batting line up and boasts of legendary quick bowlers. Deliveries with fiery bounce and extreme quickness have always been a nightmare for touring Indian teams. Virat, undoubtedly a proven champion, would be batting and performing well for the team. But other players of the side won’t be having such a temperament and most of them are not up to mark. Aggression generally backfires at such instances whereas in subcontinent, with favorable conditions, the same can be justified but to an extent.

Virat’s captaincy over months has made it clear that aggression brings dividends only when everything under your nose is favorable, including the morale of players. A captain must be able to manage the natural instincts of players rather than making them ‘act’ aggressively. If the players are not able to play aggressive or emote so, then there is no pointing in fabricating the self ultimately the game being a team effort. It’s better to stick to their natural instincts and play their natural game taking situations into account. In long run, only, this sort of an approach will benefit the team. Ideal option for the team would be handing over captaincy to Rohit Sharma. His composure and cricketing mind has been proved over years, for instance winning 3 out of 5(exactly 4.5) IPLs. His performance and contribution increases significantly on giving a responsibility. A balanced captain like Rohit who exploits the potentials of players would be very helpful for the team.

Shibin Fouad
(Author is a research scholar at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi)


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