White House Online Petition Against Pak gains record support

WASHINGTON: A White House petition running online is seeking to designate Pakistan, a state sponsor of terrorism has gained a record breaking half a million signatures, five times the number needed to get a response from the Obama Administration.

The petition was created on September 21 by a person who identified himself by initials RG and the petition needed 1,00,000 signatures in 30 days to get a response from the White House.

The benchmark was reached in less than a week, and in less than two weeks, the petition, which now appears to be popular on the White House website, has crossed half a million signatures. As per the petition the Obama Administration is expected to respond to the petition within 60 days.

Supporters of the “We the People ask the Administration to declare Pakistan, State Sponsor of Terrorism” petition have set a goal of one million signatures. “We will not stop until we get 1000,000 signatures,” wrote Anju Preet, a scientist at Georgetown University who is associated with the petition on her Facebook Page.

“Its time to act now…let us all join hands in signing the petition with White House. Tag at least 10 of your friends and family if you feel your money should be used for welfare and not terrorism,” she said.
The petition comes after Congressman Ted Poe, Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Terrorism, along with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, introduced H R 6069, the Pakistan State Sponsor of Terrorism Designation Act in the House of Representatives.

Given that the window to sign the petition is open till October 21, the goal could well be achieved. In the last 24 hours, more than 100,000 people signed on the petition.

“This petition is important to the people of United State of America, India and many other countries which are continuously affected by Pakistan sponsored terrorism,” says the petition, created by RG.

An initiative of the US President Barack Obama, “We the People” online petition at the White House website provides a window to American citizens to campaign before the administration on a particular issue.


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