Bipin Rawat harsh over Army stand-off between Indian and Chinese troops, says more Doklam-like incidents possible in future

General Rawat on Terror activity

The stand-off between Indian troops and Chinese over the Doklam issue in the Sikkim sector, from the last two months does not seem to stop, both the countries nonstop threatening to each other. Beijing has several times gives a strong warning to India to back their Army from the region, while Indian government continuously trying to sort out the issue with the discussion.

According to the media reports the Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat on Saturday said that Beijing is attempting to change the status quo on its border with India and predicted that incidents like the current impasse in Doklam are likely to increase in future. “The recent stand-off in the Doklam plateau by the Chinese side attempting to change the status quo are issues which we need to be wary about.

“I think such kind of happenings would be increase in the future,” Rawat said, while addressing the audience at General B C Joshi Memorial Lecture on ‘India’s Challenges in the Current Geo-Strategic Construct’ organised by the Department of Defence and Strategic Studies of Savitribai Phule Pune University.

He further said that, “We should not be complacent. Let us say that this stand-off is resolved, but our troops should not feel that it cannot happen again in different sector.”

Regarding the issue with Pakistan and Kashmir, Mr. Rawat Said,“Pakistan’s unabated reliance and support to Jihadi groups have serious ramifications. This can lead to the possibility of Pakistan being a conduit for the eastward spread of fundamentalist and the Islamic ideology. This lends a complex dimension to the threat not only for us, but also for other countries of South and East Asia, including China,”



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