China seeks ‘democratic transition’, but no sanctions, on Myanmar

UNITED NATIONS, US: China on Wednesday said it wanted a “democratic transition” in military-ruled Myanmar, but ruled out sanctions at a UN Security Council meeting.

“China hopes that Myanmar will restore peace, stability and constitutional order as early as possible and continue to steadily advance democratic transition,” Ambassador Zhang Jun told the closed-door meeting, according to a statement.

“Maintaining peace and stability in Myanmar is in the common interest of the international community. Should Myanmar slide into protracted turbulence, it will be a disaster for Myanmar and the region as a whole,” he said.

Myanmar’s military, which overthrew the country’s elected leadership on February 1 and has violently suppressed protests, counts on China as its main ally.

China nonetheless remained consistent in its opposition to economic pressure on Myanmar after the closed-door meeting in which Western powers spoke of further measures.

“One-sided pressure and calling for sanctions or other coercive measures will only aggravate tension and confrontation and further complicate the situation, which is by no means constructive,” Zhang said.

Source: Arab News


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