Did America come to Syria to defeat ISIS?


US military commander in the region said US troops will leave Syria in the coming weeks. In response to the question that if the withdrawal of American troops from Syria will take place in the coming weeks, Joseph Votel said: “Probably within a few weeks (departure will begin), but again (I say) that will depend on the situation in the country”.

The United States has already begun withdrawing its military equipment from Syria. Earlier, US President Donald Trump had announced that he intended to immediately remove all US troops from Syria, which was faced with protest and widespread opposition from other US officials. Currently, there are about 2,000 US troops in Syria.

US forces commander in the region in response to the question that “Washington intends to transfer its troops from Syria to Iraq?” did not give a clear answer, but said that the United States intends to strengthen its forces in Iraq. There are currently 5,000 US troops in Iraq.

A few days ago, the Wall Street Journal quoted current and former US officials as saying: “The US army is about to withdraw its troops from Syria by the end of April, with most of them going out in mid-March.”

An American official emphasized the withdrawal of troops in April, saying that this involves the withdrawal of forces from the Al-Tanf base near the crossroads between Syria, Jordan and Iraq.

The United States has not yet provided a detailed plan to leave Syria and it is unclear when it leaves the country. At present, the United States, along with its allied forces in Syria, has launched a new operation against ISIS in Deir ez-Zor. Some reports indicate that in recent days, US forces have deployed their artillery on the Iraqi-Syrian border to support the Syrian Democratic forces in an operation against ISIS.

A UN report recently estimates that about 18,000 ISIS terrorists are still present in Iraq and Syria, including 3,000 foreign fighters. The report warns that ISIL terrorists are interested in air strikes and the use of chemical, biological, radiological, and even nuclear materials, which can be very concerning.

Now, however, many analysts believe that Trump is trying to persuade political Americans to use political bubbles by inducing the Americans to do so, today he pursues this policy by deciding to withdraw from Syria, and claims that these forces have been able to defeat ISIL and put an end to their mission, thus creating an impression in the minds of the Americans that a military victory over ISIL has come about and that their demands are met by returning troops to the country, and these forces reach the aims that they left their country for which is the destruction of ISIS, but this is contrary to the fact because the goal of US entry into Syria was to overthrow the Syrian government, not the destruction of ISIS.

In addition, Trump, known for signing profitable contracts, tries to sign a deal with regional actors, especially Turkey, in order to remain the country as a player in the region after failing to achieve its goals.

Accordingly, the US entered Syria with a Western-Arab coalition whose only aim was to overthrow the Syrian government and change its position, but after more than seven years of fighting, all US efforts, despite the help and support of most armed groups in the Syria and at the top, ISIS they were defeated.

Today, however, the continuation of the US military presence in Syria is worthless, which is why the president of the United States decided to retreat and invest in the action with Turkey, which has long borders with Syria and is an ally of the United States in the NATO treaty.


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