Extremism in Europe nothing to do with Gulf countries : Qatari ambassador to France

The Qatari ambassador to France has attributed the ultra-conservative ideology of Wahhabism to Saudi Arabia, saying the rest of the Gulf countries have nothing to do with this Islamic doctrine.

Sheikh Mishaal Bin Hamad Al Thani dismissed reports that Qatar is establishing Islamic cultural centers across France. “If you look at the Islamic schools in France, few of them are built by Qatar, and those schools which is affiliated to Qatar have all been built with official licenses from the French government.”
“The focus of the state of Qatar has never been on establishing such religious schools and institutes. Therefore, the current extremism spread across the Europe have nothing to do with his country,” Sheikh Mishaal said. “The ideology of Wahhabism is a small branch of Islam in a certain country.”
“European politicians and political analysts should not make generalization about Islamic countries and their ideologies,” complained Sheikh Mashaal. “For example, we see that many people talk about Saudi Arabia building and funding religious centers that promulgate radical Islam across Europe and train youth to defect to extremist groups such as ISIS. I believe one should not make mistake and attribute these behaviors to Islam and all the Islamic countries.”
Asked about the military purchases from the European countries the envoy said the Qatar’s spending in military purchases is transparent. “We are ready to present our military purchase reports as well as their application reports to the media. All our military equipment is used within the Qatari borders,” the diplomat added.
He also recommended the French media to carefully study the extent to which the French light and medium weapons are playing role in fueling the crises across the Middle East region.


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