Indian youth awarded for returning I million dirham in Dubai


Tariq Mahmood, an Indian working in Dubai, is receiving praises for  returning a bag full of millions of dirhams that he found and and handed it over to the police. The bag contained one million dirhams (approximately Rs. 2.1 crore) in cash that he found in the elevator of his apartment building.

Impressed with Tariq’s deed, the Dubai Police awarded him a certificate of appreciation.

Police said that Tariq Mahmood had picked the abandoned bad in his building in Al-Barsha. He immediately informed the police so that its rightful owner could be identified. Commenting on the incident, Al-Barsha police station director Brigadier Abdul Rahim bin Shafi said that Tariq Mahmood’s “conduct reflects the high values of our society of which we are very proud.”

According to police, Mahmoud said he was “very proud and happy” to receive the certificate of appreciation.

#News | Dubai Police Honours Man for Returning AED 1,000,000

Police routinely honors citizens for their honesty of handing over lost cash or valuables. The Khaleej Times reports there have been several such incidents this year.

In al-Qassa, police honored Abdul Rahim Rajeev, a taxi driver in Dubai, for forgetting a handbag containing some cash, government documents and a passport by a passenger.

Nigel Nairus, a five-year-old from the Philippines, handed over 4,000 dirhams in cash to the police, which he found in Al-Qawasis. He too received a police certificate in April.

The same month, eight residents were honoured for having returned more than 55,000 dirhams in cash.

Source: Awaz The Voice


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