Italian army hauls Covid-19 victims’ bodies to lesser-hit regions as medics decide who gets help first in makeshift tents (VIDEOS)

Another Italian army convoy has been spotted transporting coffins with coronavirus victims’ bodies out of the hardest-hit Lombardy, as overworked medics are setting up makeshift triage tents outside of overloaded hospitals.

The military truck convoy left the Bergamo cemetery in broad daylight on Saturday, as authorities announced the highest daily death toll to date of nearly 800 people. The coffins were set to be transported to a crematorium in Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna, according to RT’s Ruptly, as local morgues in the Lombardy region are chronically incapable of dealing with the growing number of victims.

In the meantime, overloaded hospitals in Italy’s hardest-hit region of Lombardy – where the death toll surpassed 3,000 on Saturday – have set up war-like triage tents to conduct preliminary evaluation of patients before directing them toward the most appropriate medical room. Another Ruptly video, filed at a hospital in Brescia, shows dozens of patients packed into a makeshift treatment room as both space and resources are clearly lacking.

Called the crisis the “most difficult” one in Italy’s  post-war period, Italian PM Giuseppe Conte ordered all businesses and activities that are not vital to supporting the basic necessities to be closed until at least April 3 – effective immediately – extending the nationwide shutdown.

Source: RT


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