Morocco bans British film about daughter of Prophet Muhammad

“The Lady of Heaven” film, written by Shia Muslim cleric Yasser al Habib, has been banned in a number of Muslim countries for its “falsification of facts”.

Moroccan authorities have banned a controversial British film about the daughter of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

In a statement on Sunday, the Moroccan Cinematographic Centre (MCC) said “The Lady of Heaven” film was banned from being screened or commercialised in Morocco.

The ban came hours after the Council of Ulema, Morocco’s highest religious authority, condemned the British film as a “flagrant falsification of facts” and a “heinous act which cannot be accepted by Muslims”.

The screening of the film, which portrays the Prophet’s daughter, Fatima al Zahra, was canceled in Britain amid protests from the Muslim community.

The controversial film was supervised by a Shia preacher notoriously known for attacking Prophet Muhammad, his wife Aisha, as well as the first two caliphs in Islam, Abu Bakr and Omar.

The film personally portrays the character and image of the Prophet, which is strictly prohibited under Islamic teachings.

Source: TRT


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