Pakistani Ambassador to Saudi Arabia: Visit by Crown Prince to Further Pakistan-Saudi Relations

The Saudi Sabq newspaper published an interview with the former Pakistani ambassador to Saudi Arabia, noting that Mr. Hashem Khan described the visit of the Saudi Crown Prince to Pakistan as a historic opportunity that will strengthen relations between the two countries more than ever. The Pakistani official added that major deals are expected to be signed as a result of this historic trip, most of which are in Gwadar (a strategic port overlooking the Gulf of Oman). These contracts will bring about massive development opportunities in this area.

According to the well-known Saudi newspaper, Mr. Hashim asserted that the completion of projects in Gwadar will severely influence Dubai’s relations to this port. The project can increase Pakistan’s share of transit and traffic by over 60%, reducing the shares of China and India in the Oman Sea to less than half.

Khan Hashim stressed that the investments in the Gwadar port by China, Qatar and Saudi Arabia will soon help it rise over and then replace Dubai ports, and account for more than 60% of Sea of Oman and Gulf economies apart from oil and gas. Saudi-Pakistani cooperation in Gwadar port will have a strategic impact on the management and strengthening of Muslims in Southeast Asia. This can reduce India’s share of Sea of Oman and Gulf economies by more than 50%, he added. Gwadar port can be a strategic addition to Mohammad bin Salman’s 2030 Vision, helping the two countries easily dominate the region’s economy and transit routes. Khan Hashem argued: “Saudi Arabia’s massive investment in Gwadar port will minimize Pakistani incentive to allow more Chinese participation in the port.

Khan Hashem also made note of the strategic military-security agreement between the two countries, including the deployment of Pakistani troops into Saudi Arabia, a security agreement to support the creation and expansion of Islamic organizations in Southeast Asia, Afghanistan, and Central Asia, as well as security and information cooperation in all areas of common interest.


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